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Public Relations. Building positive relationships

We get your news viewed, read and heard by the correct target audience by identifying the key news elements in your business and utilising our extensive set of media contacts.

Whether it is regional media to business trade publications, national newspapers and consumer publications, we deliver your message where it matters the most.

Traditional media has and will always be important but the growth of online media channels cannot be overlooked, and for this reason, we ensure all our public relations campaigns engage the power of digital media. It can be essential to your campaigns success, not forgetting that EMcG will also be key to your campaigns success.

EMcGPR specialises in Social Media Consulting. As we all know social media is growing and changing rapidly. Social Media might be free, but it’s very time consuming and can be very frustrating for those who are just getting started. We work with business owners and managers to develop a successful social media and online marketing strategy to fit their specific needs and budget.

If you own or manage a business, even a small home based business we ask: what have you done so far to take advantage of this trend? Does your business have a social media presence and an effective social media PR/marketing strategy, or are you missing out on this huge opportunity?

So can we ask: what have you done so far to take advantage of this trend? Let EMcGPR help you to develop and grow, contact us today and we can work with you, letting you focus on the things you need to.